Summer Workout Summer Workout Summer Workout. Wait – how did this happen so fast?

I’ve been more inspired in the last three weeks than I could have imagined. There are thousands of new TeamLSF babes getting their sweat on with us around the world and I love seeing all the new LSF IG handles.

If you think you’ve been kicking some booty this summer, just wait…I feel like you girls are about to explode with new confidence and motivation this week with this summer workout!

Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s totally working.

Seriously, can you even believe how much you’ve already changed in the last 3 weeks? It’s pretty incredible. Whether that change has been physical, mental or emotional…you have continued to do something for YOU!

There is only 1 week left before you submit your Summer Shape Up  #LSFprogress pictures for a chance to WIN $500 Lorna Jane Shopping Spree + TONS of LSF Sweat Goodies! (More details on the final day)

This is your week to take it next level and really show your body what you’re made of!

Today’s Workout

Exclusive App Workout + Daily 10 in the App

Legs + Thighs

Peaches & Cream Overnight Oats

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Have you tried these yet? You can totally make them with any fruit you want, but peaches are in season right now. In season fruit is cheaper and the most delicious! Get the recipe HERE

Today’s Workout

Exclusive App Workout + Daily 10 in the App

Take a selfie, post it on Instagram  and show us all how you #LSFSweatAnywhere 

We are all about getting our sweat on ANYWHERE! I want to see where you sweat so snap those selfies, post on Instagram and make sure you also use the #LSFSummerShapeUp hashtag and tag @lovesweatfitness

 Arms + Abs

Portobello Bun Burger

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It might not be a typical “Taco Tuesday,” but these burgers are so delish! I love using grass-fed lamb or bison, but you can also use a veggie patty and make it totally vegetarian friendly. Recipe HERE

Today’s Workout

Exclusive App Workout + Daily 10 in the App

Post a pic and share where you’re from! There are other LSF babes near you that want workout buddies so make sure to hashtag #TeamLSF so they can find you!

We’re so lucky to have this incredible online community and having friends near you to do your LSF Hot Body Workouts with is even more fun! You never know how many girls might be right around the corner.

Buns + Yoga

Banana Nut Muffins

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If you saw the new video last week you know there are TONS of new Vital Proteins products and I’m loving them all. This is still one of my all-time favorite recipes I’ve created with them. Get the recipe HERE

Today’s Workout

Exclusive App Workout + Daily 10 in the App

Push it REAL good!

Repeat after me… I CAN do this! You are so close, not to the finish line because this is a journey, but so close to seeing a change in yourself that will be unlike any other! Growth, strength and confidence you’ve never experience, but are so deserving of. Keep pushing babe.

Hot Body HIIT

Meatloaf Muffins

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These meatloaf muffins (aka meatballs) are amazing! So simple and you can make a big batch of them so you always have an easy protein-packed option to grab on the go. Get the recipe HERE

Today’s Workout

Exclusive App Workout + Daily 10 in the App

Yes You Totally Can!

It doesn’t matter where you are starting form. It doesn’t matter if you can do 1/2 a round or 4 rounds. All that matters is that you are giving it your all, every day and working toward the best version of you possible!

Yoga Sculpt

♥NEW Summertime Yoga Sculpt Video

Apple Cider Vinegar 411

summer shape up series

I take Apple Cider Vinegar every single day and truly believe it has a huge impact on my body. It “wakes” my digestive system up and has tons of other crazy benefits too. Check them all out HERE

Today’s Workout

Exclusive App Workout + Daily 10 in the App


Today is your day girl! These last 4 weeks you have been committed to treating your body in the best possible ways. Why stop now?

Just look at you. Seriously… go look in the mirror, do you see it? That inner babe of all babes just just waiting to be fully unleashed! I know I do! I’ve seen her more and more over the last few weeks and now is the time to let her out!

You should be feeling stronger, more in control and totally motivated right now and you’ve only dipped your toe in the water! Don’t stop there. Right now, today, is the time to completely  jump in! The Hot Body Guides are the next step and will unlock all that confidence and create serious change emotionally, mentally and physically. You are ready to FINALLY make it a true lifestyle.

If you’re feeling good now, just imagine how you’ll feel once you start the Hot Body Guides!

With #TeamLSF & these guides you will be UNSTOPPABLE. Think of them as your new bestie. Your sidekick, wing-women, #1 fan, motivator, accountability partner and true believer in YOU!


You all deserve to win this AMAZING Summer Shape Up prize pack, the amount of sweat, fun and serious progress has inspired me so much. But, there is only one grand prize winner…is it YOU?

To win here is all you need to do…

• Been doing your daily check ins on Instagram #TEAMLSF

• Post your Day 1 to Now Progress Photo + Submit the photo to – It doesn’t matter if your change is BIG or small, we want to see them all 

*TIPS For Photos* To make sure you show off all your hard work, check out this blog post for how to take a great progress photo

I’m so giddy about giving one of you…

♥ $500 Gift Card to Lorna Jane (uhhh WOW!)

♥ LSF Hot Body Guides Bundle

♥ The FIRST Copy of the NEW LSF Guiltless Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book

♥ LSF x Goldsheep Leggings

♥ LSF Icon Tank Top

♥ LSF Water Bottle

♥ LSF Tote Bag

All progress photos must be posted/submitted by Sept 3rd end of day! Winner will be selected based on a combination of daily check ins and progress throughout the challenge.

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