How to get rid of cellulite! What It Is & How to Get Rid of it! 

I used to feel like I had SO much, but looking back, even at my heaviest, it was pretty mild. It impacts us all differently, but the key here is that it impacts ALL of us. There are some pretty important things you’ve got to know about cellulite before you can tackle getting rid of it and I’ve got all the tips for you here!

It sounds like a terrible disease, but cellulite is just plain old fat. But, totally contrary to what most people assume, having cellulite doesn’t mean you ARE fat or overweight though. Literally ANYONE, ANY SIZE can have it. 

Cellulite is basically just the way fat stored under our skin. Fat pushes against your connective tissue and through collagen fibers creating the small pockets or dimples you see on the outside. This means that even the skinniest of girls can have cellulite too! Not sure if we should cheers or boo…hah

I know that I have seen it come and go on my own body through the years without fully getting why. So, before you run to the mirror and start searching for it, let’s talk about why we get it in the first place!

There are many reasons cellulite might rear its ugly head. 

  • Slow metabolism
  • Hormonal changes
  • Decreased estrogen
  • Decreased exercise
  • Bad diet
  • Dehydration

Our hormones basically impact every inch of our body and there are a million things that can effect our hormones. Birth control, various foods, menstrual cycles, exercise, and your thyroid just to name a few.

Your bodies chemical balance is constantly changing which makes our hormones tricky to regulate. Then you add crap food and not enough exercise and BAM! Cottage cheese thighs!

Say GOODBYE to cellulite! 

Ok so you have a little uneven skin. No biggie. There are a few natural ways you can help get those thighs looking smooth and tight!

Your nutrition and diet is super important as several ingredients in the things you eat effect your fat cells. Sugar for example can cause the fat cells to get larger. Decreasing the amount of high sugar and bad fat foods you eat will lower the amount of excess fat that leads to cellulite formation. Following the Hot Body Meal Plan is the first step in detoxing sugar and getting enough healthy fats and proteins to increase collagen production.

In addition to having a strong diet plan, regular exercise gives you the best chance of toning and tightening the skin therefore eliminating excess fat causing cellulite.

Try out this workout to help!

Break Up Cellulite.

  • Coffee Scrubs: The caffeine and scrubbing motion will dilate the blood vessels and increase circulation to the area making the skin appear tighter and smoother.
    • Make your own with 1/4c fresh coffee grounds, 2tbs hot water (let sit for 15min to absorb) and 1tbs coconut oil to moisturize and make it easier to apply in shower.
  • Skin Firming Creams: Creams with Retinol can help smooth the skins surface and reduce the lumpy look, but is not a cure-all. It can bring tightness back into the skin, but won’t solve your problems over night.
  • Foam Rolling: Increases circulation and breaks up the fat + connective tissues. Not to mention, it feels AWESOME! 
  • Self Tanner: This is obviously a quick fix that only makes it SEEM like less, but if you’re rocking a bikini and still notice some cellulite, this is a fast way to make it less noticeable. I use 2 Hr. Express in Dark fromLoving Tan 

The Bottom Line

We need to remember that ANYONE can have cellulite. In fact, about 9 out of 10 women do! What we can do is begin taking steps to minimize the appearance and ensure that our lifestyle is helping to prevent it from forming in the first place. If there weren’t already enough reasons to eat right and workout regularly…add one more to the list!

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Jacki Amato
6 years ago

Love the low-down on the nasty Cellulite!! Thanks for all the tips in combating it Katie ? Question for you: where would I purchase the coffee scrub? Can I use my own used coffee grounds?

Jacki Amato
6 years ago

Thanks for all the amazing information Katie on combating the nasty cellulite issues that many of us women have. I have one question; can I use my used coffee grounds for the scrub?


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5 years ago

Hi Katie
I use a massage stick for my cellulite. Would that work or would I need to purchase the foam roller….not sure which one would be more effective.

5 years ago
Reply to  Team LSF

Thanks Katie ?

5 years ago

Hi Katie,
i have Oestrogen Dominance and im really struggling to lose weight i have a lot of cellulite around my hip area. Do you know how i can balance the hormones?
thanks xx