meal prep bowls. Meal prep can be a real B, if you know what we mean.

Figuring out which groceries you need for an entire week can be overwhelming enough, but then you’ve got the washing, chopping, tupperwaring?! Pass. Hard pass.

We’ve got a waaaaaaayyyyyyyy better way! First of all, we are all about a bowls at every meal. Breakfast bowls, burrito bowls, poke bowls…we could go on. Bowls are an awesome way to eat all your nutrients and veggies while still getting FULL and eating delicious foods! It’s really just the way to go.

Other major bowl perk? When you prepare each component, you can make a whole bunch extra with a few simple steps, and then you’re good for the week. You can use the same key parts to make different bowls by changing up the seasoning (or even through it in a lettuce cup/grain free wrap) for a fun remix.

LSF Fiesta Bowl recipe, Free meal prep tips during the 5 day Fridge Makeover Challenge at Love Sweat Fitness!

The recipe below makes one serving, which is amazing. But for meal prep purposes, make 5-7x this amount to keep you full all week long.

Fiesta Bowl

Nutritional breakdown…

Per serving: 352 calories, 4g Fat 4g, 45g Carbs, 38g Protein


  • About ½ cup brown rice
  • ¼ cup black beans
  • Up to a cup grilled veggies/peppers
  • 5oz grilled chicken breasts or tofu
  • Handful of spinach/mixed greens
  • 1 tbsp LSF Spicy Sriracha Yogurt Sauce (This is an ESSENTIAL recipe. Find it in your Guiltless Nutrition Guide).


Season chicken breasts with salt/pepper and Mexican seasonings of choice (paprika, chili, get creative!), and throw them on the grill until cooked. Cut into strips or cubes.

Drain/rinse the black beans, and heat on your stovetop. Season with salt/pepper.

Make the rice in an instant pot or rice cooker for MAJOR efficiency.

To build your bowl:

First, cover the bottom of your bowl with rice, then top with a handful of fresh spinach. Spoon black beans on top. Next, throw your diced chicken and grilled veggies into the mix, then top with Sriracha Greek Yogurt sauce and perhaps a little of your fave salsa.

Last “prep step”: save the leftovers in separate containers, OR get real efficient with it and build 5 more bowls to have for lunch the rest of the week! While you’re here, you might as well slice up some apples, portion out some carrots, or divide some almonds to go with your amazing lunch, right? You got this, babe!

Meal prep tips + the easiest meal prep recipe EVER.

Seriously, SO many recipes like this live in the Guiltless Nutrition Guide! This is your go-to for maintaining healthy changes after big challenges like the Summer Shape Up.

Happy prepping!

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Channing Woolley
Channing Woolley
5 years ago

Yay!!! I love me a good bowl! Today’s prep is gonna be veggies and protein!

5 years ago

Thanks girls, it sounds so easy. I am so doing it.

Team LSF
5 years ago
Reply to  Nicole

Seriously the easiest! Hope you love!

5 years ago

Yum!! I’ll have to throw a bowl together with my chicken and veggies this week for sure! Sounds amazing!

Team LSF
5 years ago
Reply to  lsf_hustlehard

Can’t wait to see it on IG! So delish!

3 years ago

hey girl, thanks for sharing this. i loved it