Healthy snacks. Healthy snacks on the go. We have had some stormy weather here lately and I totally got into cuddly movie-night snack mode! 

It’s so important to have your healthy go-to treats so you can avoid grabbing store bought junk. I will always encourage you to try make as much as you can at home so you know exactly what ingredients are going into the recipe and into your body. It’s easier to monitor sugars and calories when you are the one in control. I usually end up cutting the sugar in half or substituting with dates or banana, if not ditching it entirely. When I see exactly how much sugar is in some recipes, it makes me want to pass on it even more. No thank you!

These are just a few of my favorite snacks that are PERFECT for a movie night in, or to take on the road!

healthy on the go IMG_3834
healthy on the go IMG_3642
healthy on the go IMG_3862

Nutritional Yeast is my favorite little secret. I love it because it is a complete protein and is high in the B-complex vitamins. It will give your popcorn a nutty-cheesy taste which is perfect if your in the mood for a savory snack! It is a light flakey texture which makes for a great thickener for sauces or as a “cheese” substitute.



Protein Pop

PB Shake

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