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What is a Sweat Starter?

Your Sweat Starter is going to be the ultimate guide that is filled with everything you need to get started! It’ll explain how to begin your LSF journey, what a roll call is, how to set up an instagram and what you’ll need to reach that dream transformation.

Where can I find my sweat starter?

Sign up with your email and we will send it straight to your inbox with a link to download your Sweat Starter.

Difference between the Hot Body Meal Plan and Guiltless Nutrition?

The Hot Body Meal Plan is a step- by-step, 4 week plan that lays out exactly what to eat for each meal. It’s designed to jumpstart weight loss, push past plateaus and teach you what a typical day of eating should look like. The Guiltless Nutrition Guide does not provide a day by day meal plan, but rather is a book full of delicious recipes that fit into a healthy lifestyle. Together, they are an incredibly powerful combination to create the perfect healthy eating plan and new balanced lifestyle.

Are the daily workouts really free?

Yep! The free daily workouts are exclusively in the LSF app! You can download for free to access anytime from your google play or itunes stores. We also have a subscription available for the premium LSF program and videos in the app when you are ready to level up.

What is the Daily 10?

The Daily 10 is a free daily 10 minute workout exclusively in the LSF app.

How do I download the app?

You can download the app in iTunes or Google Play store for mobile devices. You can sign up for your 7 day free trial at

Do you ship internationally?


What is a roll call?

Your LSF roll call is your daily check-in on Instagram. It’s your chance to share when you’re crushing your workouts, making some delicious and nutritious meals, something to inspire the community or even a place to ask for help when you need a lil motivation! Check in everyday to keep yourself and your LSF babes accountable! Use #LSFRollCall so we can cheer you on!

How to I connect with girls in the LSF community?

Instagram is the best place to meet other Team LSF girls who will be there to support and motivate you throughout your journey. Search the hashtag #TeamLSF and find new girls to follow.

Post the graphic from the last page of your sweat starter and use the hashtags #TeamLSF and #LSFsayhey to introduce yourself. The women of this incredible community will be there to welcome and encourage you!

Do I need to have social media to be a part of LSF?

You don’t have to have any social media to be a part of LSF but we do recommend it since that is where we can help cheer you on and keep you most up to date. If you don’t have social media just make sure that you sign up for our emails and workout with us in the app!

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Email our support department, they're the best!