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We are a community of inspired, empowered, and motivated women dedicated to changing what living a healthy lifestyle looks like for all women.

About LSF

Love Sweat Fitness was created in 2014 when Katie found her passion for fitness and helping women! Love Sweat Fitness is about much more than healthy meals and killer workouts, it’s about building friendships with women that will show up and support you through the ups and downs. Knowing that, no matter where you live, what your goals are, or where you’re starting from, you have a group of women who just get you is life changing! Join #TEAMLSF and start your journey today!

What we do


From meal plans, recipes guides, and free detoxes, to tons of yummy recipes on the blog — we’re your go-to for all things food.


We offer free daily workouts PLUS a premium exercise plan in our app, loaded with motivation and ways to set and track your goals.


Find tons of healthy tips, tricks, and advice on the blog and on our Youtube channel!


Team LSF is an amazing community of women here to support you and your goals. Find the perfect support system and join in on our FREE challenges!

Katie Dunlop

Love Sweat Fitness founder

Katie created Love Sweat Fitness after her own 45lbs weight loss journey and total lifestyle makeover. Overweight and living with hypothyroidism, she struggled to find a healthy routine. Eventually, she developed her own personal nutrition plan and fitness method, lost 45lbs, and fell in love with health and fitness. Katie became a certified personal trainer and used her own method to help countless women transform their lives and build their confidence. She began to create workouts on Instagram and Youtube to help more women which grew soon into what Love Sweat Fitness is today.

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