fridge makeover! Day 5 of the Fridge Makeover Challenge. Your daily goal: PLAN. But also, POST (to win the prize!!)

You didn’t think we were going to do a challenge without AMAZING prizes for *stunning* fridge makeovers? Get outta here.

It’s only been a week since Summer Shape Up prizes were announced, and we just feel like we have more to give, you know? So here’s how you win…

How-to win:

First: You have been real active on Insta, posting about the daily #FridgeMakeoverChallenge goals from the weekly workout schedule

Second: You post fridge makeover before & afters that give us all the heart eyes ?. Make sure your posts are on IG by Monday (9/17) at 11:59pm PST. with these hashtags: #LSFFridgeMakeover + #LSFFridgeShelfie

Oh, you wanna know about the prize? ?

LSF Fridge Makeover Challenge Grand Prize

You’re going to win some of Katie’s fave products she keeps stocked in her fridge at ALL TIMES. The ultimate fridge makeover kit!

  • Vital Proteins Creamers (Vanilla + Coconut)
  • 1 Tub of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
  • 2 cases Aprés Plant Protein Shakes
  • 3 cases of Perfect Bars
  • 2 cases of Obrigado Coconut Water
  • 2 cases Brekki Overnight Oats
  • $50 gift card for Wean Green eco-friendly glass tupperware
  • A month long trial to Thrive Market + Katie’s 10 fave Thrive products
Amazing prizes for the free 1 week LSF Fridge Makeover Challenge

If you don’t have a calculator on you, we’ll do the math for ya: that’s over $350 in healthy food to keep you at your healthiest YOU!

Your Goal today: PLAN

So now that you’re feeling extra motivated to finish the week strong with your nutrition goals, let’s talk about the future. This fun doesn’t have to end, because you can basically redo this challenge on a micro-level every single week. It’s just a few steps (don’t worry, you can get through all of them at once in a few hours!), and it will totally change the vibe of your week.

Today, we’ve got a week planner for you. It’s going to help you PLAN so you can…

  • Figure out the healthy recipes you want to make each day next week (aka the PREP part), which will help you
  • Make your grocery list for your weekly trip (SHOP), so you can
  • Stay on top of your fridge maintenance, throwing out old leftovers and replacing artificial food with fresh, healthy products (CLEAN)
  • So you have room for the healthy lunches you’ll now have ready to pack for the week (PACK!)
This guide will help you plan your week to make meal prep a breeze.

Now you’ve got an arsenal of free printables to keep you going strong. Even when life feels crazy, this little effort can completely change the game. Once you’ve nailed down your go-to easy prep recipes, you’re nutrition will quite literally never be the same.

Make sure to keep all the Fridge Makeover printables around for the weeks ahead! (Remember? The Toss-It GuideSeasonal Grocery ListFridge Makeover Map).

PLUS: Thrive Market wants to help you keep the good things going!

Thrive Market is actually offering all Love Sweat Fitness babes 25% off their first order PLUS a free 30 day trial if you use this link to sign-up today: We love them because they give you wholesale prices on all the healthy essentials we used to shell out four dollar signs for. Plus, 2-day delivery. To your house. Life changing.

Can’t wait to see what amazing things you plan for your week, babe!

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Kathy Campbell
Kathy Campbell
5 years ago

I LOVE Thrive Market!! Soo awesome!