Puma Fierce. You guys know I have a mild shoe problem.

Okay, maybe mild isn’t the most accurate word, I think it really started when I was overweight. No matter how many pairs of pants wouldn’t button, I knew those size 9 shoes would always lace up! (yes, I have a ridiculously larger foot for my 5′ 6″ frame).

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A lot of you have seen my “fitness closet” and I recently counted . . .16. Sixteen pairs of workout shoes, but for good reason. They make the outfit and all the difference in your workout.

Have you ever seen those barefoot marathon runners? It seems crazy to me, but they truly believe they perform better without shoes. I’m a million times opposite (Is that a thing?). I need the stability and cushioning and it’s tough to find one shoe that does it all. Most of the time you find a super cute trainer that does absolutely nothing for you or you find the one that makes your feet super happy but looks like something your grandma would wear to social hour at the senior center. Not a good look, Gigi.

fierce fitness, fit fashion, fitness fashion, puma, puma shoes, athlesiure

With athlesiure booming, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to find a shoe that is fashionable enough for the street but also allows you to bring your A game to your workouts. They’re few and far between, but there are the holy grail of shoes out there thatperfectly combine performance technology with disruptive, game-changing style, and the new PUMA Fierce is one of them.

fierce IMG_3300
fitness, fit fashion, fitness fashion, puma, puma shoes, athlesiure

When PUMA asked me to check it out I was obviously excited. A. I LOVE shoes (Make that 17) & B. They totally looked like they were from “Back to the Future.” Sold!

The trainer was literally designed for women who want to perform at their best while looking their best, both in and out of the gym.

fitness, fit fashion, fitness fashion, puma, puma shoes, athlesiure

You guys know I’m always running between clients, workouts, classes and meetings. I change my clothes post-workout (sometimes), but lugging around extra shoes is a pain and I just don’t do it. Out of my mini trainer collection, I only end up wearing one or two pairs because the rest don’t cut it. They’re either not that cute or I end up rolling my ankles mid-workout. Total fail.

These are definitely gonna be my new go-tos though. They’re seriously what I’ve needed. Just one pair that can work for you in the gym and let you work it after. It’s truly PUMA’s most progressive and design-driven training product yet. It’s super lightweight and completely fierce! Say bye-bye to your excuses and hello to some serious fit fashion.

fierce fitness, fit fashion, fitness fashion, puma, puma shoes, athlesiure

I think what I love about them more than anything is the name. “PUMA Fierce.” I feel like it really embodies that confidence I found after my weight-loss transformation: the strong, incredible woman who was always inside and was finally able to shine! You would think maybe I’d cool it on the shoe collection while the bikini and romper one grew, but…. old habits die hard. Bring on the trainers!

fierce fitness, fit fashion, fitness fashion, puma, puma shoes, athlesiure

So what does being #ForeverFierce mean to you? Show me your 3 fiercest looks in and out of the gym and share using #ForeverFierce and tag @lovesweatfitness and @PUMAWomen

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by PUMA through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about PUMA, all opinions are my own.

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