CTCT 2021 Winner

I really love this community. Anytime I’m feeling like my motivation isn’t where I want it to be, I check in with you guys. There’s much encouragement among you all and such truly amazing results that it always gives me the nudge I need! That’s especially true during and right after we do a challenge, because you guys do insanely hard work — and the results show!

For real, I am continually blown away by the results you guys get with our LSF challenges, meal plans, and workouts. I mean, I know they work for me, but it’s SO COOL to see how much they do for you guys, too. 

And lately, I’ve really loved how tapping into our LSF community has helped so many of you transform not just your bodies, but also your self-care routines and seriously your whole lives!

There’s one LSF babe who is SUCH a good example of this. I want to introduce you to our Crop Top Crunch Time challenge winner: Sarah Maedel!

Just check out these transformation photos. She is definitely crop top-ready!

Like, if that’s not freaking impressive, then I don’t know what is! Sarah fully leaned into everything LSF has to offer and you can tell she got incredible results. And I especially love her story because she’s a fellow hypothyroidism girl, just like me!

I got so much out of Sarah’s story that I wanted to share it with you all. So we did a little interview with her. 

Q&A with Sarah

LSF: Tell us a little about yourself.

Sarah: I’m from a small town in southwestern Ontario, Canada. I love all things nature: trees, plants, nature trail walks, hiking, paddle boarding, hanging at the beach, swimming, gardening, camping. Anything active outdoors is usually my thing! 

LSF: When did you get started with LSF?

Sarah: I joined LSF in late December of 2020, just before LSF30, which was my first challenge and, wow, did it ever set me up for success! I had really been wanting to go gluten-free and dairy-free for a long time but didn’t have the self discipline yet.

The challenge got me going with the Hypo 101 Hot Body Meal Plan, since I’m a fellow hypothyroid and hashimoto’s girl. 

LSF: How did you feel after that challenge?

Sarah: Removing gluten and dairy and following that meal guide strictly for that month was life-changing. I finally got my energy back — and I mean, I had little to none, always hitting that brick wall around 2 or 3 p.m. and wishing the hours away til bedtime. 

I was shedding some weight after working out for years! The truth was in my diet. 

Even though it was fairly clean, I learned I wasn’t eating enough of the right foods. My meals weren’t balanced. Katie’s meal plan accompanied with the LSF app finally kickstarted my weight loss journey and gave me the tools to change my life. 

LSF: Are you still sticking with the meal plan?

Sarah: I’m eating intuitively now and using my LSF meal plans to set up and balance my days. I’m down almost 20 pounds since December and haven’t felt this good since I don’t know when! I’m so pleased with the toning I’m finally seeing and I’m just in such a good spot mentally and physically thanks to LSF. 

LSF: We love hearing that you’re feeling so good! What’s helping you stay on track?

Sarah: What inspires and motivates me to stay consistent is being able to feel my best for not only myself, but my family, too. I want to set a good example for my kids so they can choose a healthy lifestyle path. 

Eating well and exercising puts me in my healthiest mental, emotional, and physical state and nothing beats that feeling. 

LSF: What do you like about LSF?

Sarah: My favourite part about this community is the honesty, support, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement from all of the amazing women! It really and truly makes such a difference to share my journey with like-minded, badass women. 

I didn’t realize the importance of a support team and self-care — Katie’s Self Care challenge was really eye-opening. [It was] a little painful too to realize some self-truths. 

I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned and gained by joining this community. Thank you Katie, Ryan, and TEAM LSF!!

Talk about a role model! Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Sarah. We’re excited to cheer you on as you continue transforming into your best self, physically and mentally!

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Susie B
Susie B
2 years ago

Oh love that. Sarah has worked really hard absent such great inspiration for months now, what a gal 1🤗💕🙏🧘‍♀️