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I know I know. 7 hours to a slimmer waist sounds too good to be true, but what if I told you it’s true?

Real talk….How much sleep do you get every night?

Did you know that getting less than 7 hours can cause weight gain and is linked to increased BMI and obesity?

Uuuuhhhh….. Yea that’s not good. 

The key to helping you slim your waist isn’t just diet and exercises, it’s getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

7 hours to a slimmer waist, how to lose weight, how sleep helps you lose weight

I’m literally a psycho about getting at least 8 hours of sleep. 

With my hypothyroidism and holiday stress the last thing I need is something else messing with my metabolism!

Here’s what happens… 

When you don’t get enough sleep your hunger hormones get crazy. 

There’s an increase in ghrelin (the one that makes you feel hungry) and a decrease in leptin (the one that makes you feel full). 

Basically you get insane cravings, want to eat everything, and never feel full. Sound familiar?

Poor sleep can also increase your stress hormone cortisol making you a hot mess of hormones with little control over what you’re putting into your body. 

7 hours to a slimmer waist, how to lose weight, how sleep helps you lose weight

It’s not your fault, but it’s also not something you want to deal with. 

I know life is crazy, but this is important. Not just for your waistline, but for your health!

Sleep Your Way to a Slimmer Waist

When you get enough sleep you will:

  • Crave less junk
  • Consume less overall
  • Burn more calories

As crazy as I’ve been about getting enough sleep, getting QUALITY sleep was something I struggled with.

Now, about 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep, I make a little Sleepy Time Hot Cocoa (get the recipe here) and I sleep so freaking good!

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 Plus it helps curb any late night cravings I have too so it’s really a win-win for me.

Have you tried it yet? Check it out here

Tossing & turning all night = stress ( we don’t want this)

If you need a little help getting in your zzzz’s right now, make my Sleepy Time Peppermint Hot Chocolate and comment here with how you slept the next day!

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