Planks fitness challenge. Are you in?

On Monday, November 13th we’re kicking off our FIRST EVER LSF 14 Day Thanks & Planks Challenge!

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are ready for some turkey, family and fun! But in the spirit of the holiday you know I can’t resist a good challenge.

Personally, It’s easy for me to feel grateful when I know I get to spend my days with my #TeamLSF fam. You girls have given me a place where I am free to do what I love every single day and for that I could not be more grateful! You inspire me, motivate me and challenge me all year long.

To say Thank YOU I’m giving you all something that will challenge you both mentally and physically, plus give you a chance to win amazing prizes! It’s time to get #LSFPlankful

Ready to get started?

The 14 Day Thanks & Planks Challenge challenge officially starts on Monday, November 13th. Keep checking your email for updates as we get closer to the kick-off.

Not signed up for our emails? Sign up HERE! 

  • Download the LSF SWEAT STARTER so you have all the tools you need to take this challenge next level. Bonus! there are some sample days from the Hot Body Sweat Guide and Meal Plan in there for you too
  • Follow @LoveSweatFitness +  @TeamLSF on Instagram
  • Grab Your Hot Body Meal Plan and follow weeks 3 + 4 with me to see the BIGGEST changes over these 2 weeks

What does the LSF Planks & Thanks Challenge Include?

?Exclusive Daily Workouts & Gratitude Check Ins?

Starting Sunday, November 12th you will receive an email each week with your Weekly #LSFplankful Workout & Gratitude Check In schedule.

This easy to follow schedule does the heavy lifting for you by providing each workout and gratitude challenge for every day of that week! No need to figure it out on your own babe. We’ve got you! Plus, we will be sharing brand NEW fall inspired recipes and even a sneak peak at some from the Guiltless Nutrition | Lifestyle + Recipe Book!

My favorite part? You can make these workouts work for you! If you’re doing the Hot Body Sweat Guide add these into your routine when it works for you. If you feel like hitting a barre class or kick boxing with friends, go for it. I want you to get fit & have fun doing it!

planks and thanks, 14 Day Thanks & Planks Challenge, free daily workouts, daily workouts, weekly workouts,

?Motivation from all the TeamLSF Girls!

You don’t have to do this alone! There are thousands of girls doing it with you which means an amazing motivational community to keep you going! Check-in on Instagram daily with your sweaty selfies, meals, motivation and everything else that is inspiring you to keep on pushin’. Tag @LoveSweatFitness + @TeamLSF and use the hashtag #LSFplankful to connect with all the amazing girls in the LSF community!

??Fun Workouts & Plank Challenge

Each day you will have a mix of exercises designed to strengthen your core and tone your entire body.

In addition to the main workouts, we’re gonna get our plank on every day. Planks are THE BEST way to challenge your body and mind and wake up those abs!

It can be a forearm plank, full plank, side plank, WHATEVER you want. Every day you’ll hold it for a little bit longer so you can get stronger and stronger

The Goal?

Be be stronger and more confident! Oh… and to be able to hold a 2 minute plank by the end of the challenge! Don’t worry, we are going to make sure it’s easy breezy for you by the end. I know you can do it girl!!

Remember, it is the 14 Day Thanks & Planks Challenge. Lots of planks and tons of thanks!

 ?Delicious Recipes

We will be sharing some of our favorite recipes from the Hot Body Meal Plan and brand new Guiltless Nutrition | Lifestyle + Recipe Book along with some exclusive NEW fall recipes just for you!

The best results start with the LSF Lifestyle Makeover Plan so grab yours and make the next 2 weeks the kickoff to your lifestyle transformation!

?Sound-Off  & Planks & Thanks Grand Prize ?

The best way to keep yourself motivated is to sound-off with #TeamLSF. Everything is just more fun with friends!

Your daily check-ins on Instagram are your chance make new girlfriends, share how you’re doing, what’s inspiring you, tell us when you need motivation and get the support of thousands of girls! They also are your way to enter to win the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the challenge!

One babe will also win the GRAND PRIZE which will be announced on Monday, November 27th


  • 1 LSF Green Juice Tank
  • 1 LSF “Day Drinking” Waterbottle
  • 1 Brand New Vooray Duffle Bag
  • The entire Lifestyle Makeover Bundle (Hot Body Sweat Guide, Meal Plan & Guiltless Nutrition Guide!)

How To Be Entered to Win?

♥#LSFcheckin daily on Instagram

  • The more you post, the more chances you have to win!
  • Sound-Off each day and tag @LoveSweatFitness + @TeamLSF
  • Use the hashtag #LSFplankful

***Remember, if you’re account is private we will not be able to see your posts***

It’s Almost Time!

2 things you need to do before we start:

  • Invite 3 friends and commit to yourself for the next 2 weeks! You’ve got your daily workouts, LSF fresh and healthy recipes and #TEAMLSF here for you babe!
  • Screenshot this graphic and post it on Instagram to show everyone you’re doing the 14 Day Thanks & Planks Challenge with us! Tag@lovesweatfitness @TeamLSF and use the hashtag #LSFplankful
Planks and Thanks
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Emilie Dearing-Williams
Emilie Dearing-Williams
6 years ago

Super excited to start back working out with my #LSFSisters! Since having my baby in September it’s been tough trying to get motivated and finding time (with a newborn) to get my workouts in! It’s DEFINITELY time to get back to the pre-baby weight #snapbackmode! See you ladies soon to start my fitness journey! My goal is to faithfully check in daily and never miss a day, meal plan, meal prep, make small goals and tackle them one by one! With you ladies by my side I️ know I️ can do this! #LSFplankful #teamlsf #lsfsisters #lsffamily #lovesweatfitness #itstime #letthejourneybegin

6 years ago

Thanks and planks y’all!